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Grab your coupons and head to Rite Aid starting 06/07, Ziploc Storage Bags & Containers on sale $3.00!! With coupons you can walk out with them for ONLY $1.25!

Here’s Your Deals:

At Rite Aid starting 06/07:

Buy 2, Ziploc Storage Bags, 10 – 50 ct – $3.00
2/$6.00 (or $3.49 Each); Ziploc Mix & Match
Use 1, – $1.00/2 Ziploc brand Bags
Out-of-Pocket Price: $2.25
Final Price: $1.25, WYB  2; Use $1.50/2 coupon; Includes 200 Plenti Points (=$2.00)

At Rite Aid starting 06/07:

Buy 2, Ziploc Containers, 3 ct – $3.00
2/$6.00 (or $3.49 Each); Ziploc Mix & Match
Use 1, – $1.50/2 Ziploc brand Containers (Zip Code 77477)
Out-of-Pocket Price: $2.25
Final Price: $1.25, WYB 2; Use $1.50/2 coupon; Includes 200 Plenti Points (=$2.00)

Additional coupons:


Rumor has it that as of 7/13/14 NO Winn Dixie stores will be accepting competitor coupons. We know that we have heard rumors before, so I have updated the coupon policy to the most recent policy posted on Winn Dixie’s website.


Coupon Acceptance Guidelines

Spanish version available upon request. Si lo deseas puedes solicitar la versión en español de este documento.

1. Store Management has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any coupon(s).
2. Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the transaction.
3. Manufacturer and store coupons will only be redeemed on or before expiration date.
4. All restrictions and/or limits printed on coupons will be enforced.
5. We will accept one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon for the same item.
6. To ensure product availability for all customers, we limit redemption to (5) five like coupons for the same item in the same transaction. For example, if you have six of the same coupon and have purchased six items, we will only accept five of the coupons.
7. Coupons may only be used for products that are currently on-hand at the store location.
8. Only valid Internet coupons that will scan at the register will be redeemed.
9. Only original coupons, no copies, will be accepted.
10. Winn-Dixie will not accept coupons presented via mobile phone or other device.
11. Electronic coupons that are attached to your Customer Rewards Card will deduct automatically at the register when the required purchase is made.
12. A manufacturer coupon cannot be used on the same item as an electronic coupon offer.
13. The total coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item. No cash back will be given nor will cash back be applied to other purchases.

14. Winn-Dixie does not accept any type of coupon for “Make-a-Meal” free items.


See your local Winn-Dixie store for more details. • Effective June 9, 2014 1A

Winn Dixie NEW Coupon Acceptance Policy as of 6/1/14 (Broward County) Could be just for 1 store


This coupon acceptance policy is circulating the internet as being the NEW Coupon Policy for Winn Dixie effective 6/1/14.  I am posting this at this point for reference only, we are not sure if this is a national change, district, region or just for 1 store.  We will know more as time moves forward.  However, if you were planning to shop the end of this weeks sale, I would go before this policy starts.

Our very own Arlene Fontana says:  I asked what competitor coupons were accepted and I was allowed to take an actual picture. Here it is for all to see. Courtesy of WD 

Come join the chat in our Winn Dixie group on this subject



Winn Dixie Competitor

WOW! WOW! WOW! I can’t believe my EARS!!  WINN-DIXIE is now DIRECTLY Competing with PUBLIX by accepting COMPETITOR COUPONS!

YOU HEARD ME!  At this point it is unclear if ALL stores are accepting competitor coupons or if all stores will be in the future.

The best way to check this is to ask your STORE MANAGER, and email went out to all stores participating in COMPETITOR COUPONS on 4/1/14


Winn Dixie not only takes PUBLIX coupons, they take ALL local competitors including Kmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General and others!!  THIS IS A HUGE GAME CHANGER!

This is from the Winn Dixie FB page::— Here’s some basic information about the updated coupon policy: It’s a $ off, not % off accepted up to 10 coupons. We’re accepting Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Dollar General, etc. and it doesn’t have to be a grocer – but if they have items that we sell, we accept the coupon if it is $ off. We hope that helps! As of this moment, it’s stores exclusively in Tampa, FL.

Below is a copy of the memo sent to all stores that are now accepting competitor coupons, these are the basic guidelines:

  • Winn Dixie will accept up to TEN competitor coupons, one coupon per item.
  • The coupon must be for IDENTICAL ITEMS.
  • You can NOT use a percentage off coupon (such as 20% off, 50% off)
  • Winn Dixie does NOT price match, it must be a coupon.
  • ONE STORE (or competitor coupon) and ONE MFG coupon per ITEM!
  • Local competitors include ANY retailer in the local marketing area!

WOW  WOW WOW!  Are you as excited as I AM?   WHOA BABY!  This is awesome, please let us know if your store is accepting competitor coupons.

My local store in Ormond Beach has not gotten the memo yet, he also informed me that they have not had any recent POS updates, and that the store starting this may be a test market or they could be launching it in waves.   I am still excited for EVERYONE who IS GETTING THIS DEAL!

Another Local in Northeast Florida near Jacksonville contacted her store and no, they also are not currently participating in this however, she was informed that many stores may start to do this as a direct link to the “Takeover” of Sweetbay. Keep an eye out on your local store flyers to know for sure. Though we have heard this is a Tamp area thing only it may spread and it may spread quickly! Well, we can ONLY HOPE!(also from rumors…it can never hurt to go through your local stores self check out and try running a competitor coupon through to see if your store did get the update but yet the Manager’s have not advertised, or do not yet know they are taking them. Certainly DO NOT make a fuss if it does not work)

Here is a copy of the Memo(Thanks to

Competitor coupons winn dixie

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