COUPON FIRE – A Meme by Mayra Mauricio

firecoupon Mayra MauricioOH WOW! now What would YOU DO?

This was a quote submitted by  Mayra Mauricio for our contest in the COUPON MOM facebook group


bittersweet Mayra Mauricio

Couponing is a great way to get closer with family and friends 🙂  once you have the goods, they will all want some! You know what I am talking about!

This quote was Submitted by Mayra Mauricio in our COUPON MOM Facebook Group.

COUPON SNOB – A Meme by Zenobia James

Coupon Snob a meme by Zenobia JamesHAHA! Yes, this transition happens to all of us a some point. When we start couponing, we are excited to save 50%… then the bar is raised to 75%.  Once our stockpile is well stocked, we turn into complete snobs! If its not free or close to it, it isnt even worth the gas to get to the store! LOL!!  great MEME!

Zenobia James Submitted this quote into our MEME Contest in our Facebook Group COUPON MOM

42 CENTS – A Couponing Meme by Sandra Areli

42cent coupon meme by  Sandra Areli[email protected] We have all been at the register owing less than a $1… and what? NO CHANGE?  No Dollar, do you CHARGE IT? or keep digging in your purse!  LOL.

Sandra Areli entered this quote into our Meme contest in Coupon Mom Facebook group .

COUPONING TO COLLEGE – Couponing Meme by Sandra Areli

collegemoney couponing meme by Sandra Areli This is great! Sandra Areli entered this quote into our Meme contest in COUPON MOM Facebook Group! Join us and JOIN THE FUN!

NO COUPON – NO CANDY – Couponing Meme by Zenobia James

nocoupon no candy meme by Zenobia James

HA! We can all relate to this one!!  Zenobia James entered this quote into our drawing in our facebook group Coupon Mom.

MOM Look! Q-MONEY – A Meme by Dezire Sanchez

qmoney meme by Dezire SanchezDo your children have nicknames for your coupons? Dezire’s daughter call is Q Money, and indeed it is QMONEY!  🙂

Dezire entered this quote into a drawing in our Coupon Mom group on Facebook.

NOT ON MY ORDER! – A Meme by Nicole Mattison

Not on My Order - Nicole MattisonHave you ever had someone slip something into the cart that was not on sale and that you did not have a coupon for?  Well THIS MEME Explains that situation!

This was an entry into our drawing in Coupon Mom Facebook Group

Nicole’s exact quote:  “No! You CAN’T put those NON-COUPON items on my transaction!” (Annoyed and pointing to another check out line) Ain’t NOBODY gunna ruin MY savings percentage!!”

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COUPONING Best Friend – Meme by Melissa Adams

couponingBestFriend Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams wrote this quote in one of our facebook groups, and I  know EXACTLY how your feel Melissa!  Great quote and our new best besties!!