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What to Buy & When to Buy!!

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Printable STOCK UP Price Chart – Print and Keep This on Hand | #StockPiling #StockUpPrices

Stop the Wondering and Know if You Have a Stock Up Price or Not!!

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Stockpiling for Baby – How Many Should You Buy & At What Price

Stockpiling for Baby




Are you or someone you know having a baby or just had a baby?

Then this is a MUST read for you.

By Stockpiling diapers, wipes and other baby products you can save yourself time and money. There is almost always a sale somewhere on diapers and wipes. Most times you can get them for as low as $2.50 a pack of diapers and $1.00 per pack of wipes. We do come across times where both are FREE or even Money Makers. Following us at What’s Your Deal or What’s Your Deal on FB you will be able to see the sales and deals each week. I have found that Drug Stores usually have the best deals when you include “points” back. If you have a local store that doubles coupons, you may also find some great deals.

STOCK UP PRICES: (Some may have a lower or higher stock up price, but this is the base price that we recommend). How to figure price per item: (ex) 36-pack Pampers @ $3.99/36 diapers = $.11 per diaper


  • Size 1 – $.09 per diaper
  • Size 2 – $.10 per diaper
  • Size 3 – $.12 per diaper
  • Size 4 – $.14 per diaper
  • Size 5 – $.15 per diaper


  • Size 1 – $.12 per diaper
  • Size 2 – $.14 per diaper
  • Size 3 – $.16 per diaper
  • Size 4 – $.18 per diaper
  • Size 5 – $.21 per diaper


  • $.015 per wipe


  • $.75 – $1.50 each


  • $1.00 – $1.99 each

FORMULA – (I don’t recommend stocking up on this until you know for sure which one your baby will be able to tolerate)

  • Premium Brand – $.59 oz. @ $14.00
  • Store Brand – $.25 oz. @ $8.99


The average newborn goes through 8-10 diapers a day. As they get older and sleeping through the night they may go through 6-8 diapers a day. This is based on about a 6 lb newborn.

  • Diapers – Based on Jumbo Packs
    • Newborn – 1-2 Packs
    • Size 1 – 10-12 Packs
    • Size 2 – 5-7 Packs
    • Size 3 – 40-50 Packs (I think Sizes 3 & 4 are the ones they are in the longest)
    • Size 4 – 40-50 Packs
    • Size 5 – 7-10 Packs (This can vary depending on when you start potty training)
  • Wipes – You will never have to many wipes (my baby is 13 and I still buy wipes)
    • 100 Packs (this is good starting point – (figure 9-10 packs a month)
  • Formula – 
    • I don’t recommend stocking up on this until after you have the baby, some may only tolerate a certain brand and some may have to be on a soy. Once you know, then start stocking up. Remember most babies will start on baby food/cereal around 6 months, so the amount of formula will decrease.
  • Diaper Rash Cream – You will use this from newborn thru toddler. Watch expiration dates.
    • 12 – 15
  • Baby Shampoo/Body Wash/Powder/Lotion – (I prefer J&J Head to Toe) no need to lug around 2 bottles. These will vary depending on what you use.
    • Shampoo/Body Wash – 30
    • Powder – 10 (I found most don’t use powder)
    • Lotion – 30


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Dollar General Penny Shopping Explained – What You Need To Know BEFORE Shopping | #DollarGeneral #PennyShopping #DGPennyShopping




NEVER NEVER NEVER ask an employee about penny items. Items that penny are suppose to be removed from the floor.

DO NOT leave your store a mess, if you are searching for items PLEASE make sure you are neatly searching and putting items back that may have fallen.

Penny Shopping IS NOT a sale. Items will stay a penny unless they reset!!! 

NOTE: I will “TRY” to make sure that the new list is posted by 10 pm Monday nights. If you receive information on penny items PLEASE pm me with the information and I will include it in the post. I use MULTIPLE sources to try and bring you guys the most accurate information.

Dollar General follows a pattern for their discounted items. Usually 25%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 90% (this may vary slightly) then within 1-2 weeks the items will “penny out”. When items “penny out” they are suppose to be pulled off the shelves by the employees. However, this is where the “scavenger hunt” comes in. Us, as penny shoppers look for those items that were forgotten. These markdowns usually occur on Tuesday mornings. THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM.

Discounts can vary by district also. Sometimes 1 district may be at 25% and another will be at 50%. However, the items will “PENNY” at the same time.

Dollar General uses a code and a dot system. (Some may not have either)

  • SP – Spring
  • SU – Summer
  • FA – Fall
  • WI – Winter
  • 13 – 2013
  • 14 – 2014
  • 15 – 2015
  • 16 – 2016

The Dot System is:

  • Purple Dot
  • Brown Dot
  • Red Dot
  • Pink Dot
  • Pink Star
  • Blue Dot
  • Brown Diamond
  • + others


2 Examples of Tags:

dg dot dg tag



Make Sure You Know These BEFORE Attempting To Penny Shop


  1. NEVER, NEVER Ask where the penny items are or if they have any penny items.
  2. NEVER argue with an employee stating that an item should be a penny.
  3. NEVER ask for a price check. When you get to the register and it rings up more, simply say that you thought it was on sale and have it taken off or go ahead and purchase the item and return at another time.
  4. If you believe that an item is a penny, put ALL of those items that you are getting in your cart. Once you get to the register and the items rings for a penny you CAN NOT go back for more. The store employee is to go remove any other items from the shelf. So if you want it, GRAB THEM ALL.
  5. YMMV –  Sometimes different regions will discount quicker than others. Don’t get discouraged if yours aren’t ringing up yet. Wait until next week and try.
  6. DO NOT go into a store and start ransacking it. Put items back where you found them if you don’t want them. Clean up after yourself.
  7. Penny shopping takes time – DO your homework before going into a store, jot down the info on paper and/or take screen shots of tags/items on your phone. Just an FYI almost ALL penny shoppers have reported not being able to access the internet in stores. So don’t count on being able to get on.
  8. Be familiar with their store policy on penny items. (Will be attached below) Print it out and have with you!!
  9. NEVER call corporate about Penny Items. You may contact the District Manager and let them know that you had items ring for a penny and the cashier/store manager refused to sell them to you.
  10. NEVER give out information about how you learned of penny items.









Penny shopping will not be learned over night. It does take time, but is WELL worth it.

Make sure to follow along as I will try and get the newest information out to you each week.


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Original Post: 8/13/2015

Updated: 4/18/2017

Updated: 11/29/2017

Selling Your Stockpile….Is It Legal?? We Have The TRUTH For You!! | #Stockpiling #SellingYourStockPile #WhatsYourDealTooGroups



We hear all the time about people selling their stockpiles and the controversy of whether if its legal or not.  I’m hoping to clear up some of the questions that come along with, “Is it Legal”?


YES it is legal to sell your stockpile items.  However, DO NOT sell any items that have been recalled or is past their expiration date.

On March 19, 2013, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court issued it’s opinion on the First Sale Doctrine.  The first sale doctrine provides that anyone who purchases a branded item has a right to resell that item in an unchanged state. This means that sellers who do no more than stock, display and resell a genuine article bearing a true mark are generally protected from claims of intellectual property infringement and thus seller suspensions by the essence of the first sale doctrine.  Essentially, once a product is legally purchased, the first sale doctrine gives the owner the right to sell that product to whomever they wish.  Also, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. of the Supreme Court wrote that, “The purchaser and all subsequent owners are free to use or resell the product just like any other item of personal property, without fear of an infringement lawsuit.”

Ownership became YOURS when you were at the register and finalized a completely legal purchase.  This includes if you purchased the items using coupons, cash, credit cards and even EBT cards.  Again, as long as the items were purchased in a legal manner.   Ownership of those said items remains solely yours to do with as you see fit.

Think about Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops, they wouldn’t exist if it was illegal to sell items that YOU own.


While most people are aware they must include wages, salaries, interest, dividends, tips and commissions as income on their tax returns, many don’t realize that they must also report most other income, such as:

  • cash earned from side jobs,
  • barter exchanges of goods or services,
  • awards, prizes, contest winnings and
  • gambling proceeds.

So whether you do this as a hobby or as a business you would have to file claims once the amount is over $400.00 in a one year time span.


YES, and it actually pays to donate.  Many charities or local food banks will give you a donation receipt.  If they don’t make sure you keep track of your donations.  You can claim the retail value of the product (without coupons).  If you paid $2.99 for Tide on sale and with a coupon, but regular price is $9.99, you can claim the full amount of the $9.99.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep track of each item, including who you donated it to
  • Estimate how much each product or donation was worth
  • Fill out Form 8283 when you file your taxes, and attach it to your return

WYD / TOO! Groups has always supported and taken the stance with the letter of the law with regards to selling your items.  The fact that the Supreme Court has made a ruling in this favor of doing just that, we say have fun selling your items and making some money!

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Need to Store and Keep Water during this Hurricane Season? Here’s a great Life Hack! #couponcommunity, #lifehack, #waterstorage

Thanks Chloe Adams for this great Life Hack from Caleb Cain Random Original Content


Sharing this idea For those preparing for natural disaster:

Okay… I’m seeing a lot of people saying they didn’t get water soon enough and the stores ran out.

So, walk right by the empty water racks, and go to the rubbermaid section. Get a giant bucket/tote/brand-new-plastic-garbage-can and buy it.

As a size guide, assume a gallon a day per person per days. In almost all cases a water supply of 1 week will be enough.

Now go to home depot, and ask for a bulkhead union washer. (I recomend Watts brand, part number HPL-1871. It’s easy to assemble and it works.) and a 1.2″ spigot that will screw into it.

A layer of thread sealant tape on the spigot wouldn’t hurt. It’s a couple of bucks and might prevent a bit of dripping.

Go home, cut a hole in your bucket (Just a couple inches above bottom.) screw the Bulkhead Union Washer together in the hole, screw the spigot into it, and fill it from your tap water.

(Unless there is a very odd problem in your home tap water is every bit as safe as bottled water.)

Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of a potable water storage unit with enough water to get you through the crisis.

The entire endeavor will probably cost you in the neighborhood of $25-35, which is less than you would have paid for bottled water and it can be reused next hurricane season.

The picture is one I put together using a clean 18 gallon tote I already had. (More than enough for me and my wife, especially since we’ll also be filling other containers.)

Share this if you think somebody you know might need the info.

CLEAN IT OUT after adding the hardware. (Thanks Thomas Linton for mentioning this. It should go without saying, but realistically it also should be said.)

I’m seeing people suggesting that you just use a cooler for your water.

If you happen to have that, that’s great, but you get more water-storage-per-dollar this way, and if you need something like this you probably should be using your cooler for keeping food cool as it was intended.

If you do use a cooler and it’s not brand new make sure to run a bleached cloth thoroughly around the inside first to sanitize it, then let it dry, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Coolers aren’t meant to store drinking water so they might be harboring bacteria from old camping trips or from being stored for a long time.

I’m also seeing a lot of people suggest bathtubs.

Bathtubs often have a lot of bacteria, so of course if you do this wash with bleach first. Line it with plastic if you have some.

THEN consider the fact that many drain plugs don’t seal properly, so you could potentially lose half of your water due to dripping through the drain plug.

THEN consider the fact that flood waters sometimes back up through pipes, and most tubs have an overflow drain built in. It takes ONLY ONCE for flood water to back up through that overflow drain to contaminate this water.

THEN consider the fact that if you have pets or children it will be annoying.

THEN consider whether or not you want to go to the bathroom every time you want drinking water, during a time when you shouldn’t be flushing the toilet much…

THEN consider that water services might be cut off and you might need the tub water to flush your toilet for a week after the flood waters recede.

THEN consider that maybe, just maybe, having a separate potable water supply IN ADDITION to being able to fill your tub, might not be a bad idea.

HELP! A Shopper’s Guide To Helping Couponers Create A Coupon Friendly Environment In EVERY Store! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Newbies #CouponGoals

HELP!! My Store Staff Does NOT Understand Coupons;
A comprehensive guide to working WITH your local store teams in an effort to CREATE and maintain a coupon friendly environment

There have been many occasions where I have heard shoppers express concerns that the local stores that they shop don’t ‘understand’ coupons, or that the store personnel don’t ‘like’ couponers.  Below I have complied a summary of guidelines that are TRIED and TRUE in helping shoppers to create an environment that is enjoyable for both the shopper, and the store!

Be Prepared
Upon entering the store, be prepared, and have a plan. Being prepared and organized shows the store that you respect them, the other customers, and their time. If you intend to purchase in bulk, and supplies are often limited, try to make arrangements in advance. Have your coupons, clipped, counted, organized and ready BEFORE approaching the register. Know and understand your store’s coupon policy, this includes any locally based rules and regulations. Know and understand any necessary coupon language (Need a guide? Get one here: Coupon Lingo)


Choosing your Checkout Location
Remember to follow the checkout guidelines. If you have many items, avoid holding other shoppers up by NOT using the express checkout lane. If you KNOW your store does not allow ad matches at the registers, and you intend to ad match, head to customer service.


At Checkout
CONGRATS you have made it to checkout! Now that you are here, you will see that every checkout experience will probably be a little different. You cannot control how others will respond to you and your coupons, but you can ALWAYS respond you respond. Approaching with, and maintaining a professional, positive attitude is the BEST way to build a positive relationship with your store staff, and have an overall positive checkout experience. Every cashier is different, and many have different approaches to couponing. Try to abide by your cashiers requests, so long as they are reasonable (cashiers may ask to see your coupons in advance, scan as they go, etc.). If you come across confusion on coupon terminology, try to teach in a calm, professional manner.
Many store personnel are confused by ‘per purchase’/ ‘per transaction’. An excellent way to deter this confusion is by showing a P&G coupoon as an example, as these coupons often say, 1 PER PURCHASE, 4 Like Coupons PER DAY (See image below).


Remember, although it may seem frustrating taking valuable time to teach others, being patient now, may save you time and frustration later!
If you and your cashier are still unable to see eye to eye after calm discussion, you may ask to speak to a manager.
Speaking to a Manager
If the situation remains unresolved to the point that you cannot proceed, you may need to request to speak to a manager. At this point, it is imperative that you calmly express your points to the manager. It is not effective to argue, or debate, rather rationally point out facts and openly discuss the policy. This is a GREAT opportunity to show that couponers can be an asset to the store, and that working together can benefit all parties involved.

IF the manager has time, be sure to ask the following questions. If they do NOT Have time, ask if they are willing to arrange a meeting to address your questions. Below are some points of interest to cover during your conversation:
*Does your store have a specific coupon policy (this policy may be MORE or LESS strict than the national policy)?
*May I have a copy of the policy?
*If coupons are limited to xxx amount in a transaction, will your store allow multiple transactions?
*Does your store ad match?
*What is the procedure for doing so?
*What is the range it will match (How many miles out, online, etc)
*IF said store ad matches, it is advisable to bring your local drugstore ad and ask, can you circle which price you ad match?
*How should I proceed in the future if I have difficulty at checkout?
The key to this meeting should be to open a dialogue with the store. Some stores will do incredible things in the name of customer service!! Remember, the key to this meeting is not to ‘win’. BOTH Parties should leave the meeting feeling a little more comfortable with couponing in general!


But WHAT IF my meeting DOESN’T go like that?
Always, Always, ALWAYS follow the chain of command. If after meeting with the store manager, you are unable to come to common ground, you may need to go to the next step, the District manager and request to speak to them. When speaking to the DM, you should apply the same prinicples, be calm, logical and rational. Also be sure to listen to what they are saying in response.
Following the chain of command allows the store to rectify what is not going ‘right’ within the store/stores under their umbrella. It also affords an opportunity to build a very positive relationship with your store team.

What IF…After All of these steps, Couponing at my store is STILL No FUN?!
Unfortunately, there are occasionally situations in which you cannot come to an understanding with the immediate team over the store. In these instances, we recommend following up with corporate either by phone, email, or with a certified letter if the situation warrants.

Ultimately, it is always best to work things out from the ground up. If you give your store the opportunity to resolve an issue independently, it will give YOU the opportunity to build a very positive relation ship overall. You will be always be remembered by the manner in which you conduct yourself, so help to give your fellow couponers a GREAT name by putting your best foot forward, every time you shop!


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What To Stock Up On In February


Different months bring different sales cycles. Here are some things to look for in February that are generally going to be on sale or bring good prices.

National Canned Food Month: Canned Fruit, Pie Fillings, Vegetables, Meats: Tuna, Chicken, Salmon
National Hot Breakfast Month:  Malt O Meal, Oatmeal, Eggo Waffles, Syrup, Boxed Cereals
Valentines:  Chocolate, Hershey’s, KY Lubricant, etc
Chinese New Year: Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Noodles, Canned Water Chestnuts
Seasonal Produce:  Artichoke, Asparagus, Raspberries, Potatoes, Strawberries, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Collards, Kale, Kiwi, Avocado, Spinach

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