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Everything you ever wanted to know about Brickseek but were afraid to ask!

Brickseek is used to check inventory and CLEARANCE pricing at your local store. It CANNOT be used to price match. If you find a product at a low price on Brickseek for your store, it will ring up that price on it’s own. BRICKSEEK IS NOT AN APP, it is a website.
I will post all the Brickseek deals that I come across here. (if you have not joined that group yet, then hit JOIN GROUP)
Directions for the deals in comments:
1. Click the link of the deal you want to see
2. Enter your zip code and hit SUBMIT. If you are viewing on a cell phone you will need to turn your phone sideways to be able to view the whole page.
3. The prices shown at your store are the prices that will ring up at the register AS LONG AS the upc is the same on both the product and the brickseek picture. New models will look exactly the same to you but the upc may be different.
4. READ the FAQ section at the bottom of this post before asking any questions as most are answered here. This comments section is VERY long and it’s hard to see the deals if everyone is asking questions that are already answered here.
To find the Brickseek number on your own:
IPHONE. (may be the same on android)
1. Open the Walmart App and search for a product. Click on the item and then on the arrow on the top right corner.
2. Choose MESSAGE and you will see the whole URL. The last set of numbers is the Brickseek number.
To find number on WEBSITE.
Go to and search for a product. Click on the product and look at the URL at the top of the screen. The last set of numbers is the Brickseek number.
** DO NOT ask for a zip code as this is not to be used for price matching.
*Inventory numbers are often wrong so even if it says 0 at your store and the price is low, always check your store anyway.
**The price will ALWAYS scan the same in the store as it shows in brickseek as long as the UPC is the same. New models have different upc numbers so always check at the store.
**If your store shows a different price then I posted, then that’s the price at your store. Every store marks down clearance at different times. Just keep checking these links to see when your store does a markdown. Please do not comment with the price at your store.
**The Walmart app scanner will not show the clearance price so use an in store scanner or take to the register.

***Please DO NOT comment with a dot or picture to follow or tag someone in the post. You can sign up for notifications by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the post OR comment and then delete your comment. Both will keep the comments clean while sending you notifications of new comments.***