*BREAKING NEWS* Balance Reward Points EXPIRING Aug 25 & More Program Changes! Read this NOW! #Walgreens #BalanceRewards

Oh.my.goodness!! Are you a Walgreens Balance Reward Member? If so, and/or you know anyone that is, be sure to read this post and pass it on!! Looks like BIG changes are coming again for the Balance Rewards Program!!

The first thing that tipped it off was when I happened across this store memo posted in the Couponing at Walgreens TOO Facebook group the other day:

wags br update
Then, in addition to the one above, we also received the following memo from a inside trusted & verified source at Walgreens:
wags memo
**photo credit Kim Berman**

According to BOTH the memos above, all ‘old’ points earned before Aug 25, 2016 are expiring end of August 2017 and new points earned after August 25 will now be valid for only 1 year instead of 3 years -eeek! Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Changes begin August 25, 2017
  • New points expire on a rolling 12-month basis (1st of 13th month)
  • Beauty Enthusiast points also expire on a rolling 12-month basis
  • Points earned PRIOR to Aug 25, 2016 EXPIRE Aug 25, 2017
  • Notification will be posted in store, sent by email, printed on catalinas
  • Note: Points will continue to expire after 6 months of inactivity

Like you, I was like “WHAT?!” and decided to dig a little deeper by trying to get written confirmation of the changes by emailing Walgreen’s Customer Service as well. I received the following response:

wags email
So, my last step was to stop in my local store for a quick transaction to see if I would receive “notification during store purchases” like the email suggested. AND, sadly, sure enough, this printed out:

With all this evidence, looks like we can call the changes definitely confirmed! Unfortunately, they’re coming soon too -just over 30 days away! I’m sure many Members may have ‘older’ points that were earned prior to August 25, 2016 (like me!) so be sure to get those spent before August 25, 2017 so you don’t lose them! Best case scenario may be to try to use your points to do deals that will earn you additional points. Let us know in comments if you have any expiring points and how many!

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