Bounty Paper Towels $3.95 at Dollar General starting 12/31/17! #couponcommunity, #dollargeneraldeals, #deannasdeals

12/31/17-1/6/17 Bounty Paper Towels $3.95 after coupon at Dollar General!

Here’s your deal: 

Buy: Bounty Paper Towels (6 Rolls) $4.95
Use: $1/1 Bounty Paper Towels here ( this coupon disappears 12/30)
Or Use: $1/1 DG Digital Coupon
Pay: $3.95

Charmin Deal 12/31-1/6/18
Bounty Basic Deal 12/31-1/6/18
Gain is Back 12/31-1/6/18

Coupons will no longer be available after 12/31/17. Click here to check them out!

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