If you have to buy coupons, why it’s worth paying for them.

Did you know that the average family of just 2 people spends $7,500 a year for groceries and the average family of 4 spends between $10,000 and $12,000 a year.   That is a lot of money and the odds of coupons being used is around 1.6 percent by the entire population.  $1.46 trillion dollars is spent on average in a years time for the groceries consumed.  Of that only $2.75 billion is turned in for coupon value on average.  Coupon enthusiast are responsible for 83 percent of all coupons used.  These numbers are both amazing and staggering!  

Why this matters when it comes down to purchasing coupons?  If purchasing coupons is the only option because you can’t get them for free in your area, it matters because the other choice is to continue to pay full value for items and be part of the statistic that is paying between $7,500 – $12,000 a year on groceries.   Who wants to be part of that crowd?  Not me, that’s for sure.  

Look at it this way.  Let’s say it’s going to cost you $1,000 out of pocket over a years time to purchase the amount of coupons you need to supply your family with goods (give or take with shipping charges included if being sent through the mail).  With spending $1,000 on the coupons you drop your average grocery bill from $10,000 a year to let’s say $4,000 a year.  Take that $4,000 a year and add in the $1,000 for the coupons.  You are at a total of $5,000 a year which would then be a savings of $5,000 a years.  $10,000 – $5,000 = $5,000!  Sometimes you have to spend a little money to save and make a lot of money.

So now you can take that $5,000 a year savings and start a college fund for your kids, or a long overdue vacation or purchase a home or a car.  So many more things to do with the money then give to a grocery store (which is already making part of the $1.46 trillion in sales) and you get the items you need to meet your families needs and are still saving big money! 

So yes, at the beginning, middle and end of the day, it’s worth purchasing coupons if that is your only option to getting them.  

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Bath & Body Works – Coupons Galore – #KashingInKouponsWithKim #Couponing #Deals


For me this is my most favorite time of the year to shop this store.  I love the Fall and Winter Scents and when combined with their sales and coupons, it’s a win all around.  So for this haul I got a total of 32 items.  At Full Price, my total should have been $502.44.  My actual OOP was $186.72 which is a BD of $5.83 per item.  Realize that some of the candles are normally $24.50 and $22.50, body wash is $13.50.  After each purchase you should receive a booklet of coupons.  The coupons vary on expiration dates:  Free Item of your choice up to $13.50 value is good until November 12, 2017.  $10 off $30 begins on November 13th until November 24th, Free Bath Fizzy with any full size body care begins on November 27th until December 1st and Free Aromatherapy Item with any Aromatherapy purchase begins on December 4th until December 24th.   I still have 28 coupon booklets left.  We also run a Bath & Body Works Group so please join us if you are not already a member!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/BathBodyWorksTOO/ 


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Can’t pass up FREE at Dollar Tree!!! Covergirl Kissable Moisturizing Lip Balm – #Free #KashingInKouponsWithKim #LipBalm

Can you say FREE at Dollar Tree!!!   Who doesn’t like free Covergirl Lip Balm….


Covergirl Smoochies Kissable Moisturizing Lip Balm – $1.00

$1/1 off Covergirl Lip Printable



Limit 4 per person, per item, per day


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Exclusive Target Red Card Holder Booklet of Coupons – Surprise in the mail – Don’t overlook!!! #BookofCoupons #KashingInKouponsWithKim #TargetCoupons

A very good reason on why you want to get a Target Red Card is that you can get exclusive coupons sent to you in the mail.  The coupons can include a percent or dollar amount off.   These coupons can include Target Brand items (Market Pantry) as well as National Brand items.

See below on the hot coupons that were sent in the mail to me

Target Coupon Booklet 1Target Booklet Coupon 2Target Booklet Coupon 3Target Booklet Coupon 4

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Exclusive Target Red Card Deal on Suja Juice / Drinking Water – Includes Cartwheel #TargetDeals #KashingInKouponsWithKim #CartwheelDeals

If you are a Target Red Card holder, this is a great deal based on coupons that are mailed exclusively to us.  This deal is on Suja Juice / Drinking Water.

Here is your deal:

Purchase one Suja All Varieties – Juice, Probiotic Water and / or Drinking Water – $2.99

Use 1 coupon from the booklet mailed to you $1.00 off Suja – Target Coupon
$1/1 Suja Product printable
30% off Suja Organic Cold Pressed Juice (Target Cartwheel)

Final Price:  $0.10

*** PLEASE NOTE:  YMMV on expiration dates of this deal as well as the percent amount off of Cartwheel.  The coupon expiration date is October 24, 2017 and Cartwheel expires on October 14, 2017.




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Run to PUBLIX – Mama Lucia Meatballs are BOGO – Sale Ends Tonight!!! #PublixDeals #KashingInKouponsWithKim #BOGODeal

This fantastic deal ends tonight at PUBLIX.  Go get your Mama Lucia Meatballs as they are BOGO!

Here is your deal:

Mama Lucia Meatballs – 20oz Italian Style or Turkey / 14oz 100% Beef, Fully Cooked – Frozen Section – $5.99 – BOGO

Buy 2 Bags, use 1 of each coupon

$1/1 Mama Lucia Meatballs printable[Excludes 12-oz.]
$1/1 Mama Lucia Meatballs (Publix Digital Coupon)

Your OOP will be $4.00 or $2.00 a bag

Mama Lucia

Thanks to IheartPublix for this deal

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New Years Resolution – Couponing in 2015

2015 Goals
Yep, it’s that time of year again, the beginning of a New Year! Wow, where did the time go? It’s hard to believe that it’s 2015 already, how exciting!!! This is the time of year where we get to decide what we love in life and want to keep or what is bringing us down and need to discard from our life. I know we all can and do make New Years resolutions, but the goal is to keep them. Many will fail and many will succeed. Let’s have you be one of the successful ones.

Is your New’s Year Resolution to Spend Less?

We all know that money is one of the biggest struggles, obstacles and causes of many fights between family members as well as the cause of many sleepless nights. AKA – STRESS!!! There are many ways that you can help your financial woes is to cut back on your expenses. One of the largest recurring expenses for a household is the dreaded grocery bill. While we definitely need to eat, drink, use hygiene and cleaning products, most do it at an average of $12,000 a year. That’s $1,000.00 a month! Holy Smokes that’s a lot of money on something that is generally only enjoyed one time. Think about that for a moment. These are items that constantly need to be replenished. And that’s not even counting the times your eating dinner out. Well there is a way you can do that and get all you need for a fraction of the price.

How you ask?

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.   This is a not a gimmick, it’s Couponing! Yep, it’s as simple as that.   Couponing does not entail that you will have to buy a million items, but you will have a small stockpile based on your family needs.  When you hear that couponing takes hours upon hours of your time, that it’s like having a second job, this is not true.  However, as with anything, it will take a level of commitment from you. It will require a little work, less as you get better. And it will, which is the ultimate goal, save you thousands of dollars a year and still give you all of the items you need daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to survive for you and your family. Did you know that an average couponer who spends one hour couponing is making a $100.00 an hour in savings! That’s truly amazing. How many people do you know make that kind of money?

Setting and Meeting Your Goals!

The best way to learn couponing at a professional level is to take my class. I’ve been couponing for 25 years and teaching for 10 of those years. I will teach you all of the tricks of the trade and reveal secrets that other couponers want kept as secrets. I will show you how to shop for Meats, Produce, Cleaning Supplies and Personal Care Items to name a few. I never spend over $500 a year on my grocery bill and I’m a family of 5.  I will remain a mentor for you after the class is over, when most who teach will just thank you for coming to their class and you never hear or see them again. Check out just a few of the comments my clients are saying about taking my class and then contact me to set up a class to get you saving big time money on your grocery bills. Don’t put off what you can do today that will for many tomorrows save you tons of money!

Click here for more information on my class.