Are You A LuLaRoe Fan? If So You NEED To Read This Class Action Suit Info!!!


LuLaRoe clothes are the latest rage these days. They are comfy, pretty and gals everywhere love them. The high price doesn’t seem to deter anyone from purchasing them BUT are you paying more than you have to? It seems there is a question of hidden surcharges built in and being claimed as taxes.

This is the claim being made by the lawsuit:

“[LuLaRoe’s] sales tax assessment practices, in effect, are improperly and fraudulently adding a surcharge to purchases, and are disguising those surcharges as a ‘sales tax’ that does not exists, and for which [LuLaRoe] lacks authority to collect or remit,” the lawsuit argues. “The ‘sales tax’ surcharge is more than the price advertised online for the product and purchasers do not become aware of this overcharge until Audrey sends them an invoice.”

Certain states, such as Pennsylvania, do not charge sales tax but buyers are still paying it. So who can be included in the proposed lawsuit against them?

The proposed class includes anyone in the United States who was or will be assessed a sales tax on clothes purchased and processed through LuLaRoe’s Audrey system, and whose purchases “were or will be delivered to tax jurisdictions of the United States that do not authorize a collection of sales tax on the clothing [the defendant] sells.”

You can read the full story here and find out what to do if you believe you are one of those who was wrongly charged.

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