Organizing coupons - 5 ways

Edited and Forwarded – 5 Different Methods of ORGANIZING your Coupons

Organizing coupons - 5 ways

There are many ways to organize your coupons!  Binders, Folders, Zip Lock Baggies, Photo Albums, Tool Boxes and MORE!  What is the best way?  Whatever works for you!  We have several articles written over the past year with different methods available.

If you enjoy CLIPPING coupons every week, here are your options.  But first, for ALL Clippers, THIS is a MUST SEE Shortcut!


1. Clipping Mats – Couponing Life Hack!

2. Traditional Binder Method – How to organize your Binder

3. Moms Toolbox – Super Cute MOMs Homemade Method

4. Case Binder – And where to get it


1. Clipless Method  – Using hanging file folders and Totes

a. Tools to Clean out your Folders

More Articles about Organizing Coupons:

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2. First Steps of Couponing – Organizing Coupons


More TOOLS:  (Pages you want to bookmark)

Coupon Database

Insert Schedule

Insert Previews

Knowing the tools and resources available helps you to be the best couponer you can be!


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